Once the police have finished processing the details of an accident or crime scene, the cleaning and restoration process can begin. Crime and trauma scenes often have blood and other biohazard contamination that may pose a serious health risk, which calls for trauma scene clean up services.

Trauma scene cleanup is essentially the restoration processes of a home, or business by sanitizing, disinfecting, and disposing off any hazardous materials. Such materials may include blood, bodily fluids, body tissue, and other organic materials. Since most of these scenes involve a lot of emotions, it’s very important that the situation is handled by a third party professional service, who are not involved.

Professional Crime Scene Clean Up Services

When it comes to crime scenes, we understand that there’s always the risk of spreading disease. Such scenes will mostly have medical professionals and family members in and out of the premises without much regard for cleanliness. This makes it easier to spread those liquids or solids unknowingly to the rest of the property. As such, trauma scene cleanup should follow the OSHA regulations and the stat-specific rules regarding disinfecting potential biohazards.

Our expert team has the necessary training to handle the cleaning and decontamination after the law enforcement officials are gone. Crime scenes often have tear gas, fingerprint powder, luminol spray (for detecting presence of blood), and a host of other chemicals. Such materials leave toxic residues that could stain your items like furniture, ad in some severe cases, they could harm the occupants of the premises in the future. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional service, who can rid your house of these toxic chemicals, and protect the future inhabitants.

We will ensure that both your mental and physical well being doesn’t suffer any longer after the traumatic event. We provide an immediate cleanup service for public, commercial, and residential properties that need to be cleaned appropriately with high-end technology, medical grade equipment, and an experienced team of professionals.

Residential Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

Suicide, manslaughter, homicide, murder, and any other forms of sudden death can be quite difficult to handle, and may leave physical and emotional pain for the people left alive. Trauma scene cleanup is mostly sought after someone has probably become a victim of a traumatic event, which is a tough situation to grapple with.

We understand you. Turn your focus to healing, getting a grip on the new reality, and being close to your loved ones by letting us handle the cleaning up for you. If you have witnessed the unthinkable or are personally affected by the event, we know you have suffered enough, and we can help to lessen your responsibilities under such difficult circumstances.

Commercial Trauma Scene Cleanup

For those that own a commercial property such as a restaurant, hotel, theatre, etc. and a traumatic event just happened within your walls, a lot of things could be going through your mind and building: police officers, sirens, distraught worker, investigators, terrified people, etc. You may feel like you are at a loss for what to do. We can help you.

As professionals in trauma and crime scene cleaning, we can shoulder one of the toughest tasks for you. We deal with trauma scenes regularly, and we have the experience to guide your business back to its original path.

Obviously, cleaning up such a scene is not the type of task you’d delegate to your workers. They have probably already been traumatized by the event, and it’s doubtful if they’ll ever be the same mentally after seeing the scene. Instead, let us handle the cleaning professionally for you, and make the premises clean and safe again for normal business operations to resume.

Certified Trauma Scene Cleaners

As you can tell, it takes a special kind of person to cleanup trauma scenes, blood, and bio-hazardous conditions on a daily basis. Most members of our team have practiced in the medical field or as firefighters, first responders, or military personnel. They have gained years of experience in dealing with gruesome scenes, and are willing to lend their services to others who may not be familiar with such scenes.

We are committed to serving you best, and you will never find pictures of your property or hard times shared on social media, or anywhere else on the internet, or in the news, unless it’s authorized by you. We guarantee that your hard times will never become our marketing tool, simply because we are dedicated to serving you, and keeping our interaction discreet from the first phone call.