Your St Augustine home is your castle, whether a tiny abode or a spacious mansion. Either way, our wood flooring cleaning and restoration services will help to ensure that you feel like beach royalty when you are home. After all, don’t you deserve to have a clean and beautiful place to come home at the end of the day?

The wood flooring in your home is subject to a lot of wear and tear as you and your family go about your daily affairs. You might not even realize how long it has been since you had it professionally cleaned and restored. However, once you take a look at it, you will see how much it demands attention. Perhaps you already have.

Either way, you can depend on our wood flooring cleaning and restoration techniques to make your flooring look like new again. Whether it is one room or several, our highly trained and skilled technicians will work hard to ensure that every square inch looks as great as the day it was originally installed.

While you might think that sweeping and the occasional mop job is all you need to keep your floors clean and beautiful, that is simply not the case. Shoes, sand and some furniture can scratch at the surface, leaving unsightly marks and scuffs.

Even if you have a wax finish on your floor, this will look unattractive and eventually require that the old wax is removed and new wax put down in its’ place. While there are some products on the market that claim to do both at once, you will end up with dirt and other debris embedded in the wax finish, making an even worse mess than you had originally.

We have a specialized machine that is designed specifically for wood flooring cleaning and restoration. Once everything is removed from the room, our technicians will vacuum to ensure that any remnants of dust, sand or other debris is thoroughly removed from the floors. Then, the professional grade machine is used to get your floor clean.

A specialized solution is used with the machine to loosen the dirt and grime. Then, it is removed with a strong vacuum system that will ensure that your floors are spotless. For those areas where the machine will not fit, our technicians are trained to use hand tools to take care of the job, so that every square inch looks just as good as the next!

Once that step is complete, we use a special solution that will give your floor a nice, shiny finish. Depending on the type of flooring you have in your home or office, an additional protective coat can be applied to keep the shine bright and beautiful. It dries quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your home again.

In order to protect your hardwood flooring, you should minimize the amount of damage that can be done. Use coasters under your furnishings and have everyone remove their shoes by the door. If you have pets, place mats under the food and water dishes and clean any waste materials immediately upon discovery. Likewise, clean any type of spills quickly to avoid wood damage and warping.

Show your home the appreciation it deserves with a good hardwood floor cleaning from our experts. You will be amazed at how much better your entire home will look once you have all of the floors restored. Along with proper care, regular professional cleaning and restoration will ensure that the floors throughout your home look fantastic for years to come! Contact us today for an appointment!