Living in the lovely city of St. Augustine provides many opportunities that are unlike any other in the nation. The historical significance of this little coastal slice of paradise is just one of the things that makes it such a great place to live. However, being in a beautiful location does not keep your home clean! That is why you need to take advantage of professional cleaning services when possible.

That is why we are proud to offer our mattress cleaning services in St. Augustine Florida as a part of our comprehensive home cleaning offerings. Whether you have one mattress or several, it is important that you keep them cleaned. Doing so will help to prolong the life of your mattress.

Many folks don’t give much thought to their mattresses, other than when they change the bedding or something breaks. However, you should make sure that you have yours professionally cleaned at least once per year. In many instances, more frequent cleaning is in order.

Even if you use a mattress cover, you still need to have mattress cleaning on a regular basis. The covers can only do so much to prevent problems that arise in St Augustine households as well as those elsewhere. If you don’t use a cover between the sheets and the mattress, the frequency of your cleanings should increase to help ensure your mattress stays clean.

While you might not want to think about it, you shed dead skin cells all night long when you sleep. These can work their way into the mattress, providing food for microscopic organisms. On top of that, various bodily fluids can seep into your mattress over a period of time. Body oils and sweat can create a horrific odor if not cleared from the fabric of your mattress.

Additionally, the dust and grime in the air can end up in your mattress. If you smoke or have pets, these can contribute to a dirty mattress. Airborne particles such as pollution and allergens can come into your home, worsening the problem.

Dust mites are another one of the reasons that mattress cleaning services in St. Augustine, FL are so vital to the health of your home. These microscopic bugs can be an even bigger problem if one or more of the people in your household is allergic to them. Sensitivity to these little bugs can be increased for those who suffer from asthma or other breathing problems.

Because you spend so many hours in your bed, it is vital that you have a safe environment in your bedroom. If these organisms are lurking in your mattress, it can have a significant impact on your health. The same thing is true for your children and elderly family members who might be more susceptible to serious problems related to breathing.

Not only is your health at risk when you don’t clean your mattress regularly, you are also shortening the life of your mattress. Whether you have an inexpensive one that you purchased from a furniture outlet store or a top of the line mattress worth several thousands of dollars, it needs to be cleaned. The fabric of your mattress will degrade faster if you allow organic matter such as body waste and dust mites to stay there.

You should have all of the mattresses in your home cleaned professionally at least once each year. If you have small children, pets or allergy-prone household members, increase the frequency. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your mattress cleaning in St. Augustine, FL along with other related cleaning services. You will be grateful for the difference it makes in your household!