Searching for the ultimate drapery cleaning service in St. Augustine? Stanford Carpet Cleaning is a world-class company and continues to set the standards for drapery cleaning. Stop risking your most valuable assets and hire a team of professionals who have been doing this for years. Here is more on why Stanford Carpet Cleaning is a trustworthy team for all of your drapery-related requirements.

What Do We Offer?

  • Robust Drapery Cleaning and Repairs
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Seamless Removal of Drapery
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods
  • Trained Specialists
  • Timely Solutions Only

Handle All Materials

Is your drapery made from finer materials? Does it have a particular color to it that shouldn’t fade after being cleaned? It doesn’t matter what material is presented to this company; the job will be done with the highest level of care. All materials are accepted, and the team has years of experience in cleaning them. The methods employed will be safe and are going to line up with one’s needs as a client. Stop trusting those who are going to use harmful, inefficient methods to clean the drapery. It’s time to go with a team that puts in the effort to understand the material’s intricacies before putting together a robust solution.

Seamless Cleaning

What makes this cleaning company the best in town? There is nothing more important than a seamless cleaning process from beginning to conclusion. Whether it’s the initial assessment, overall planning, or the eventual cleaning, this team is going to remain professional and thorough. This is guaranteed.

Clients will know the process is going to be completed with care and is going to jive with their needs. The cleaning process for one’s drapery is customized to suit all needs. This is the magic of choosing a company willing to put in the time to understand what’s required before commencing.

Flexible Solutions

All solutions are flexible, and that’s what makes this team unique. Stop going with those who are going to force a particular solution on your drapery in the hopes it will work. In most cases, the results are going to be below par and won’t work well. To ensure this doesn’t occur with your drapery, it’s time to trust Stanford Carpet Cleaning. This team will put in the effort to provide seamless solutions that are customized down to the last detail. Whether it’s a unique material or an important fabric, it’s essential to have a customized solution put in place.


Worried about the cleaning process damaging the property or leading to harmful exposure to chemicals? Stanford Carpet Cleaning uses industry-approved methods and prides itself on its usage of biodegradable materials. This will ensure the drapery looks clean and doesn’t damage the property or create health risks.

Preventative Options

Clients want a prolonged solution, which will keep the drapery looking fantastic year-round. If that is the goal, Stanford Carpet Cleaning is the best option in St.Augustine. Preventative methods will be instituted to ensure the drapery doesn’t start to fade after a few days. The team works hard on helping clients achieve seamless results through preventative solutions.

The drapery will be removed with a high level of care and delivered in the same manner. This will be added to the preventative solutions provided to ensure the maintenance is in sync with one’s goals of long-term preservation. Take advantage of this information and watch your drapery come to life.

To get things started, please call in and speak to a specialist at Stanford Carpet Cleaning in St. Augustine. The specialist will book an initial consultation to understand what’s required before putting together a robust plan for your drapery.