Area rugs are the ideal way to add warmth, a touch of style and comfort to any room, whether carpeted, tiled or on hardwood or vinyl flooring. However, area rug cleaning can be a chore as it can attract dirt both on top and underneath.

To ensure that the area rugs in your home provide you with years of value, it is highly recommended to have them professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Professional area rug cleaning provides the following benefits:

    • Removal of dirt and grit that has built up over time.
    • Stain removal.
    • Eradicates dust mites, bacteria and other microorganisms that could be hazardous to your health.
    • Expert fringe cleaning and maintenance.
    • Renewing your rugs to look as good as new.

    There are a wide range of different area rug cleaning methods available. Steam cleaning is the preferred technique for most types of area rugs as it provides for all the benefits mentioned above. However, in cases where hard to remove stains are present, chemical cleaners may be necessary to restore the rug to it’s original beauty.

    Steam cleaning is least likely to cause any damage to a rug, no matter what material it is made of or the color, pattern, and weave. Chemical cleaners may cause colors to fade, material to shrink or warp and/or damage the fibers of the rug causing it to deteriorate faster.

    Another great benefit of steam cleaning is that the rugs will dry much faster than using other rugcleaning methods. This is due to the fact that the carpets are not soaked and that the steam will evaporate quickly allowing for a much faster drying time.

    We Have 3 Different Area Rug Cleaning Options in St Augustine, FL:

    • Bring your rug in for an inspection and quote.
    • Call our pick-up and delivery service and schedule a time and date for your carpets to be collected and cleaned. An inspection and quote for area rug cleaning services can be provided on site.
    • Book a team of professional cleaners to come to you and assess your requirements, provide you with a quote and get rug cleaning at your convenience.

    Our inspections carried by our area rug cleaning experts in St. Augustine, FL consist of identifying the cleaning requirements for each area rug. The area rug cleaning process consists of deep vacuuming to remove all loose dirt and grit. A deep heat treatment will then be performed to remove embedded dirt and grime. Carpet shampoo and spot remover can then be applied to any stains that are hard to remove. Deep steam cleaning followed by a quick drying process will ensure that all microorganisms are effectively eliminated from the rugs and that you can use your rugs shortly after the cleaning process has been completed by our professional rug cleaning experts in St Augustine, FL.

    Your professional carpet cleaning team will provide you with care and maintenance instructions to keep your carpets and rugs clean and well maintained for longer. Regular vacuuming and rotating your rugs on a consistent basis is highly recommended. Read the manufacturers care and maintenance instructions to determine whether you can hand or machine wash a rug. Keep in mind that diverting from the care and maintenance instructions could result in your warranty or guarantee being negated.

    It is also advisable to apply a grip material underneath all your area rugs. Not only will this prevent slips and falls but will also prevent damage to the carpets. Any liquid spill on the rug should be blotted up immediately to remove as much moisture as possible. Get tips from your expert cleaning team on different methods to use to prevent spills from turning into stains.

    Always remember to only use and walk on your rugs once they are entirely dry. Walking on wet or damp rugs can cause dirt to become trapped and ingrained in the fabric fibers which could result in stains that become permanent.