Keep that Carpet Looking Fresh

It is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers that to keep your carpets fresh and plush to have them professionally cleaned at least once every season. But what do you do when those inevitable little spills and messes happen in between cleanings? How can you ensure that your home continues to look pristine in period between professional cleanings?


Picking up the loose dirt and debris from your carpets regularly is an obvious way to keep them clean – but it goes more than just the surface clean. Dirt can become trapped and compacted into the pile, making it more difficult to remove.

You should also be vacuuming more often in high traffic areas, as these gather the most dirt and stain easier. Have a mini-vac handy to suck up dry spills and messes as soon as possible.

Carpet Protectors

Carpet protectors are a great way to prevent dirt being tracked across the carpet in the first place and are ideal for use in high traffic areas. There is a wide range of carpet protectors available on the market as well as area rugs or runners, which can be used to fulfill the same function.

Treating Spills And Messes

Different types of spills and messes require different treatments in order to prevent them from turning into a stain that is difficult to remove or could even become permanent. However, there are some key facts that are true for almost any type of spill.

  • Always treat the spill or mess as soon as possible.
  • Use absorbent paper towels or cloth towels to soak up any excess liquid or moisture.
  • Pouring salt liberally on most types of spills helps to further draw out the liquid and prevent a stain from occurring.
  • For existing stains, use a bio-enzyme stain remover. Most spills and messes are made by biological matter and these types of stain removers will break down the material making them much more effective at removing stains.

If you need advice on how to deal with a specific stain, contact Stanford Cleaning and Restoration – your local carpet cleaners in St. Augustine, Florida for advice.