Do You Have a Mold Problem?

There are many problems that a homeowner may face, but mold is perhaps one of the most difficult. It tends to occur over the course of time and in most cases you are not even aware of the fact that it exists until it has gotten quite severe.

Understanding how to identify mold and the symptoms it may cause can go a long way in helping to prevent this problem from getting out of hand.

In the state of Florida, mold can be a rather serious issue because of the warm, moist climate. It is also not unusual for people to have a problem with flooding in Florida. When these issues occur, mold can get a foothold in the home and it will typically hide behind the walls, baseboards and in other areas. If a visible sign of mold does exist, it is sometimes even overlooked as just being some mildew that can be washed away. The problem, however, can be quite serious.

Mold may begin to affect the health of those who live in the home very quickly. Some of the more common symptoms include breathing problems and allergic reactions. In some cases, it can even cause other difficulties that are often misdiagnosed, including depression.

Unless the mold is removed from the house completely, it will simply grow back again. That is why many Florida homeowners who are experiencing a problem with mold call Stanford Cleaning & Restoration. We offer a number of services, including mold remediation. At Stanford Cleaning & Restoration we hold our State license, and we are also accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in mold remediation as certified mold remediation professionals.

Identifying mold is the first step in the process. Having it removed from the home is the step that really makes a difference in your life and your health. Don’t allow a mold problem to control the health of your family. Call us today.