3 Tips for Cleaning Small Stains

You can do your very best to keep your carpets clean and new, but at some point it is guaranteed that you will need to deal with a spill, accident, or whatever you accidently carried on the bottom of your boots.

Here are some simple tips professional carpet cleaners suggest to keep your carpets looking as clean as new:

Blot Stains, Not Rub Them

When an accident happens, don’t freak out! Removing stains from your carpet can seem intimidating if you’ve never been through it before, but it’s not too hard.

The key to eliminating small stains on your carpet is blotting. Blotting means putting some pressure on the stain with a clean cloth, sponge or paper towels to soak up and lift the stain out. Rubbing the stain can cause the particles to soak deeper into the carpet fibers, which can result in premature breakdown of the carpet fibers.

The rule of thumb is to blot the stain from the outside going inwards, because blotting outwards could cause the stain to spread.

Freeze Sticky Gum

Have you ever stepped in gum? Sometimes we step in gum without realizing it until you track the gross, sticky mess on your carpet. When this happens, the gum is often sticky and very stuck in the carpet. What’s worse is that pulling it out could mean losing your carpet fibers.

To quickly remove a piece of gum, go to your freezer and take out a few ice cubes. Now freeze the gum by holding the ice cubes to it for a minute or so until the gum is frozen solid.  Once it is, use a knife to lift the gum with ease.

Use Dishwasher Detergent on the Grease

The best hack for removing difficult grease stains is to use several drops of grease-cutting cleaning detergent mixed with one cup of water in a spray bottle. This solution will cut through the grease on your carpet just like it does on your kitchen dishes.

If you are dealing with more significant stains, you may need to spray the grease stain multiple times.

These tips not cutting it for stains on your carpets? Contact Stanford Cleaning & Restoration, your local carpet cleaners in St. Augustine, Florida for advice.